Durkheim Sociological Theory Summary

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Furthermore, Durkheim introduces the concept of collective conscience. When people riot at a sporting event, each individual share the same aggression and mindset to vandalize property and cause harm to the opposing team, in short, the chaos explains collective conscience. Durkheim defines collective conscience as, “totality of beliefs and sentiments common to average citizens of the same society.” CITE Fans who are at a sporting event belongs to a subculture, they all share the same beliefs and ideas.
People who regularly attend games have a sense of oneness, or as Durkheim would described as a mechanical solidarity. During a game there is no discrimination against the fans, whether male or female, each individual shares a common goal, to enjoy the pleasure of a game, rooting on their team with other people who share the same interest and to beat the opposing team. To add, sports fans practice rituals throughout the game. To explain, a ritual is described as highly routinized act, fans preforms rituals such as yelling chants when a team is on offense or defense. Or during a basketball game when a player has to shoot a free-throw at the foul line, the fans in the stands may hold their breath or cross their fingers.
Coupled with mechanical solidarity, Durkheim introduces organic solidarity, “Each person is …show more content…

Durkheim claims that Sociology is the study of social facts, the study of a group of people rather than studying the behavior of an individual. He mentions that in any social setting there is one thing that is certain to occur, crime. Durkheim states, “crime is inevitable and normal because crime defines the moral boundaries of a society and, in doing so, communicates to its inhabitants the range of acceptable behaviors.” CITE In short, this quote describes that a society cannot thrive without some sort of

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