Dyslexia Effect

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A student is in school and the teachers have noticed a student who is struggling. They see that the student can’t read or solve problems as fast or easily as the other students. At home the student’s parents are pushing him to do better even after he says he’s doing his best. The teachers then decide to test him and it’s discovered that he has dyslexia. Now the teaches and the parents know that he is doing his best and just needs a little help, so they get him the help he needs and his grades start to improve along with his mood. As most individuals know, dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the brain and the most commonly is known to make those who have dyslexia see words backwards. This is true but isn’t the whole truth about dyslexia.…show more content…
Those who have healthy and strong brains are able to function properly everyday and are able to solve day to day problems and are able to make through school just fine with little to no struggle. Even though no brain is similar to one another brains in those with dyslexia look exceptionally different than those without dyslexia. There is a structural difference in the cerebral cortex and the thalamus. It was revealed there were changes in the arrangement of nerve cells and a smaller auditory region in the cerebral cortex. There is a difference is ectopias and in the symmetry of the brain. There also has been discovered that there is smaller neurons in certain cell clusters of the thalamus. Its thought that a dyslexcs brain may not be the most suited for processing certain sequential and linguistic information but may be ideal for other kinds of processing. The development of dyslexia is associated with the difficulty in processing written form and sound structure of language. There is no single location in the brain that is a reading center. Sub regions of the brain that or used for other functions instead are redirected for reading purposes. Reading is supported by networks of regions in the left hempshire in the brain. This would include the occipito-temporal which holds the “visual word form area” and the temporo-parieta and inferior frontal cortices which…show more content…
The word is made up of two parts, dys meaning not or difficult, and lexia meaning words, reading, or language. So dyslexia really does mean trouble with words. The most common misunderstandings about dyslexia is the problem of a letter or word reversals or of letters, words, or sentences "dancing around”. It’s common in the early stages for writing and reading letters and words backwards and the reversals of words may or may not indicate an underlying reading problem.Dyslexia is not caused by poverty, developmental delay, speech or hearing impairments, or learning a second language but will put a child at more at risk for developing a reading disability. There is two obvious signs a child will often show. The first sign is they will not be able to read as many of the words in a text by sight as most average kids are able to. There may be many words they stumble, guess at, or attempt to "sound out." The second sign is they may often show decoding difficulties. This means their attempts to identify words they do not know will produce many errors and will not be very accurate in using letter-sound relationships in combination with context to identify unknown words. It makes it very difficult for readers to connect letters and sounds in order to decode. Those with dyslexia will have trouble comprehending what they read and trouble processing the words on the page. It’s common in the early stages of learning to read and write
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