E) What Adaptations Do You Need To Make For Impromptu Writing

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e) What adaptations do you need to make for impromptu writing (in your own words).
• Adjusting expectations with respect to writing style as it could be the student’s first draft (e.g. they don’t have the luxury of time to add figurative or vivid language, combine sentences—which they would have time to do if the writing wasn’t otherwise impromptu).
• Endings and conclusions could be missing owing to time constraint.
• Understanding abrupt transitions or the occasional breaks in logic are a result of the writing conditions, rather than the student’s thought processes.
• Ignoring errors in conventions, especially spelling which could be due to lack of time and resources.

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h) How do you make an informed judgment about a final evaluation when the piece of writing falls within several columns?
To make an informed judgment, one must evaluate the student overall. Overall, where does the student fall? As discussed in class, many students meet expectations, and many fully meet expectations but rarely do students exceed expectations overall. To be qualified as exceeding expectations, does the student “wow” you? Is the student excellent? It is okay to make a final evaluation regarding that writing, but a final evaluation of the student overall in the course should never be made based on one piece of writing; there needs to be more than one assessment and several examples because but that day may be particularly bad for the student (e.g. having a bad day). Thus, it is important to assess the student over and over again through different tasks.

i) How can you adapt the column headings to meet the provincial grading system?

According to my school advisor, the column headings found in the BC’S Performance Standards of Writing for grade 3 is what she uses to assess or evaluate the written work of her grade 3 students.

However, this is the BC Provincial Grading system:

I would allocate Not Yet Within Expectations from F to D (0-54.99%); Meets Expectations - Minimal Level from C- to C+ (55-67.99%); Fully Meets Expectations from B- to B+ (68-79.99%); and lastly, Exceeds Expectations from A- to A+

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