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EDA 3046

They develop environmental education.
2. World Wide Fund
They raise funds for Wildlife Conservation.
3. International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources(IUCN)
They defined the definition of Environmental Education
4.World Environmental Conference
The rich and poor nations discussed matters of environmental concern.
5.International Workshop on Environmental Education
UNESCO organized this.
6.Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education, Tbilisi
They provided guidelines on global and national scale for the practice and environmental education
7.United Nations Environment Program(UNEP)
They had to
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Environmental Topic: Wild animals
Tbilisi Principal
1. Help learners discover the symptoms and real causes of environmental problems
If you poach rhinos, one of these days there won’t be any left to look at.
2. Be a continuous lifelong process, beginning at preschool level and continuing through all formal and non-formal stages.
Explain environmental problems and issues that happen in real life to them. Rhino poaching are highlighted quite often in the news nowadays, so explain it through lessons with them.
3. Examine major environmental issues from local, national, regional and international points of view so that students receive insights into environmental conditions in other geographical areas.
Rhino poaching is a global problem, so it a good way of teaching them about what to do about the problem and how they as
Learners can help with the problem. Have a “white elephant” table at the fete and donate the money for rhino conservation.

4. Focus on current and potential environmental situations while taking into account the historical perspective.
Rhino poaching is a worldwide phenomenon and it is creating an international problem where 80% are still roaming in SA, but nearing the rate of extinction, soon there will be no left.
5. Promote the value of and necessity for local, national and international cooperation in the prevention and solution of environmental problems.
There are many countries in the world and

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