EEG Monitoring

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Abstract – Epilepsy is an inveterate neurological disorder which is caused by unusual nerve cell activity in the brain and is characterized by consecutive unexpected seizures. Precisely indentifying and enumerating the seizures in patients with epilepsy is essential for diagnosis, selecting the treatment and estimating the effects of the therapy. Epilepsy detection done just by physically anatomizing a person’s body is a very arduous job as it involves peculiar nerve cell activity in the brain. These brain signals can be utilized to detect epileptic seizure in a subject by analyzing it with the aid of an EEG sensor. Thus EEG monitoring is used for the appropriate diagnosis, classification and detection of the seizure. This paper presents an approach to examine the brain signal using an EEG sensor and carry out various signal processing techniques on it in MATLAB, detect its…show more content…
Prediction of epileptic seizures at an early stage increases the effect of medication and more patients can be treated accordingly thus improving the quality of life of the patients. For the proper treatment, physicians need to know if and when the seizure occurs as many medical decisions depend on detailed information about the seizure type and its origin in the brain. Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring is the golden standard for the diagnosis of epilepsy. An EEG investigation provides the aforementioned information about the continuous unusual nerve cell activity in the brain and a detailed seizure characterization in order to resolve therapeutic options, particularly in the absence of a response to medication. During an EEG investigation, the physicians place electrodes on your scalp which sense and record the electrical motion taking place in your brain which is then examined to find unusual activity, which may signal epilepsy. The Fig-2 shows a typical EEG recording setup wherein the electrodes are placed on the
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