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Application of Theory to the Practice Problem of Nurse Staffing
Marialena Murphy
Grand Canyon University
August 10, 2011

Application of Theory to the Practice Problem of Nurse Staffing
Nursing theory influences the practice of nursing in a multitude of ways that can have a profound impact. Theory provides a framework to support and define nursing practice, support quality of patient care, and can be implemented in practice situations to provide solutions to nursing practice problems. Applying theory to resolve nursing challenges can be utilized in educational and research settings, direct patient care situations, as well as in administration and management of nursing care services. The benefits of applying theory to address a
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The ten carative factors/caritas processes outlined in Jean Watson’s theory of human caring can be viewed as nursing interventions that describe and express the connection between caring and love. “Caritas comes from the Latin word meaning to cherish” (Watson, 2008, p. 39) and summons compassion, caring, love, forgiveness and equanimity into the relations between self and other in the practice of nursing. The ten caritas processes include:
1. Practicing loving kindness toward self and others.
2. Instill faith and hope in others.
3. Nurture individual beliefs and practices for self and others.
4. Promote helping and trusting relationships.
5. Acceptance of positive and negative feelings.
6. Creative solution-seeking using scientific methods and all ways of knowing.
7. Genuine teaching and learning that supports individual needs.
8. Creation of a healing environment that attends to physical, societal and spiritual needs.
9. Providing acts of healing by attending to basic human needs.
10. Remaining open to mystery and the unknowns of existence. (Watson, 2008)
These assumptions of the theory of human caring and the caritas processes apply at the level of self, other and also in a societal and leadership sense. The theory and processes are specific enough to be interventions that apply in nurse patient or interpersonal relationships but have a breadth and universality that can also be applied as leadership principles.
Theory Applied in Practice
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