Each Day The Children Are At Risk Of Becoming Victims Of

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Each day the children are at risk of becoming victims of abuse and neglect by the hands of their guardians, caregivers, families and parents. The reality of child abuse and neglect is not a new phenomenon. Unfortunately, the rise of such injustice is becoming more prevalent. The magnitude of this problem is overwhelming to many professionals such as law enforcement, social workers, teachers and doctors. Throughout society child perpetrators have a long list of traceable history of problems, disputes and failures. The perpetrators come from all nationalities and their victims can be both boys or girls. Many institutions and agencies are seeking ways to help prevent children’s maltreatment while exploring the warning signs and providing…show more content…
UNICEF summarized these concerns by stating, “All children have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation and abuse and yet millions of children worldwide from all socioeconomic backgrounds, across all ages, religious and cultures suffer violence, exploitation and abuse every day” (UNICEF, 2010). Though there is a common misconception that individuals who abuse children come from bad or low income families per se, the truth is that the perpetrators come from all walks of life with the parents making the majority of child abusers.

A Social Problem
Child abuse and neglect has always been a major social problem within the United States. The FBI reports the average age of child targeted for prostitution is between 12 to 14 for girls and 11 to 13 for boys. “The FBI in conjunction with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children launched the Innocence Lost National Initiative to address the growing problem of children recruited for prostitution” (FBI, 2008). Historical record on violence against children show that an estimation of 150 million girls and 73 million boys under the age of 18 experience forced many different types of abuse such as forced labor, sexual intercourse or other forms of physical sexual violence.
In addition, more than 80 % of the perpetrators of abuse and neglect are parents, 7% are other relatives, and 3 % are unmarried couples. Educators made up 16.1 % of all reports of
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