Eagle Scholar Leadership Journey

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Just as every story has an ending, every season of life has a close. As the final days of the semester draw near, a time of contemplation and reflection is due. This semester’s journey in the Eagle Scholar Leadership Program has been one of the most personally rejuvenating and challenging times, as the semester’s focus was on self-leadership. Self-leadership, or the practice of leading oneself first in order to more effectively lead others in the future, is one of the greatest lessons and actions that a leader can do to improve their leadership capabilities. Too often, leaders focus on outside behaviors and principles to develop their leaders. However, true change begins inside. Though arguably the hardest area in which to truly grow, as self-leadership often requires brutally honest self-evaluation and change, it has the greatest impact on development as a leader. Throughout this semester, I have had the opportunity to observe, learn and implement the following …show more content…

These five principles of leadership, from leading first by example to sharpening the saw, have already begun to transform my life. Going forward, I am sure to continue pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to make connections that could one day change my life. I will endeavor to constantly grow closer to the Lord, observing rest and preparation in order to better live a life worth imitating and therefore leading by example. No longer complacent to simply reflect the culture projected upon me, I am reminded to set the tone and to persevere no matter the circumstances around me to see the vision and harvest the Lord has so graciously partnered with me to achieve come to fruition. Overall, I am reminded to see these themes and principles in Scripture and to constantly be dedicated to the renewing of my mind and heart first before leading

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