Early Childhood Chapter 11

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In chapter eight we read about how the child develops within ages two to six. The main focus topics discussed is prevention. Prevention is defined as activities that can be prevented, delay, or reduced followed by three specific categories primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention consists of actions that change overall background conditions to prevent some unwanted event or circumstances. Secondary prevention consists of actions that avoid harm in high risk situations. Tertiary prevention consists of actions that are immediate and effective treatment that are used after an unfortunate event occurs and therefore reduces the harm of preventing disabilities. If parents are able to educate their children properly and prevent child maltreatment…show more content…
Child maltreatment is also known as an abuse performed by a caregiver to a child. An example of child maltreatment that is done to a minor constantly is the language the caregiver says to the child specially in public when the child has done something wrong. For instance, a mother and its four-year-old child are in the store shopping. The child sees a toy he/she wants it then the child starts bragging that the mother should buy the toy. Then after the mother repeats herself about not purchasing the toy she reacts one more time, but this time, more loudly and with vulgar language. The child then starts to cry. They leave the store; child is still crying. After when the mother gets the child in the vehicle she starts hitting the child and insulting the child because she just went through an entire embarrassment inside the store. No mother or caregiver should insult a child, they should rather train adequately the child that they are going to the store and she will not buy anything that is for the child or an easy method like time out once they arrive home. Child abuse is the action that harms the child either physical, emotional, or sexual well-being. For example, an emotional abuse on a child could include humiliating the child in plain sight of other people or calling the child names. This affects the child’s self-esteem. A physical abuse on a child can be done by harming the child either
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