Early Childhood Through Middle Adulthood And The Effects Of Obesity

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Early Childhood through Middle Adulthood and the Effects of Obesity
Michelle Price
Troy University, Tampa Bay Abstract
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Obesity on Early childhood through Late Adulthood Obesity has become an epidemic which negatively affects millions of American’s and individuals from other countries. Individuals whose mass index score exceeds the 95th percentile is considered obese. Each age group is faced with normal developmental, social, and psychological challenges. Cognitive and socioemotional theories developed by Piaget and Erikson define each age and stage of life. In investigating the cause of obesity in each age group, we must consider the education level, culture, behavior, socioeconomic status, genetics and environmental factors which predispose an individual to obesity. The normal biopsychosocial development in people of all ages is negatively impacted by obesity in epidemic proportions.
Early Childhood and Obesity
Early child is categorized as beginning at age two through age seven. In normal childhood development in this age group children experience changes in their physical appearance, cognitive development and social development.
The physical changes in this age group are rapid. They grow about two and a half inches taller and again

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