Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

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In women worldwide, more than 1 million women were diagnosed in 2012, making the breast cancer the most commun cancer (1). In United States, breast cancer represent 29% of new cases expected to be diagnosed in 2015 of all cancer, and is one of the most common cancer diagnosed after skin cancer. It is also unfortunatley the second cause of death cancer within women, and 17% death cases are expected in 2015 for invasive breast cancer (IBC), among the new cases (2). Among the 61% of the breast cancer diagnosed at a confined stage, the 5-year survival rate is up to 99%, whereas it can drops to 25% when metastasis can be seen at time of diagnosis(2). The early detection of breast cancer is made by a clinical breast exam and a mammography for most of women, and has shown to reduce mortality since many years (3) with an incidence rate staying stable among women, which is the results of improvement of technics of detection for early diagnosis and treatement (2).

Breast cancer can be categorized by many ways such as clinical features, histologic type, or expression of tumor markers. Invasive breast cancer has two major histological types, invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), which is the most common one and the invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC). ILC is more difficult to detect than IDC because of subtle lesion characteristics(4)(5). Among breast cancer, 20% are breast carcinoma in situ which is realtively common with more than 60000 cases expected to be diagnosed in 2015 (2). The most…
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