Personal Statement : Early Childhood Education

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I want to become someone who teaches, an educator, a role model, a teacher. I want to help children in their early childhood education. I want to become a teacher because teachers play a very big role in children’s lives. Not only do they serve as educators, but for many kids, the classroom is where they feel the safest. They feel welcomed and at home. For these certain kids it is their one place of stability where they are always guaranteed to be loved and get fed and to have fun. I enjoy watching kids grow and helping them develop their learning skills. Every kid needs a good education and I want to be the one giving them that good education. I want to make a difference in their lives and prepare them for the road ahead.
Personally, I aspire to teach the little ones. I believe that early childhood education is what I would enjoy best. Starting them off with a good foundation is always key in order for them to reach the next level. Now being said, because they are younger they will want to be active. From experience, I know little kids have short attention spans and tend to be very hyper. Because of this I will want to keep them moving around and I will not have them sit in their desks all day every day. I know that teaching can be a hard and frustrating job. I know that sometimes the odds might feel stacked against you, with kids not always obeying or if the class is not preforming well on tests you thought they were well prepared for. Being a teacher does not always seem

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