Early Intervention For Young Children

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Early Intervention for Young Children
With Sensory Integration Conditions and the
Role of an Occupational Therapist
Kassandra Griffin
Keiser University

Early Intervention for Young Children with Sensory Integration Conditions
And the Role of an Occupational Therapist
Sensory integration is a condition that can be found in young children. This condition is defined as the difficulty of developing motor and cognitive skills at a typical rate(book). If the parent of a child with this condition is fully aware, most likely they will take the steps they need to better their child’s life. With that being said, the child will need an occupational therapist. The researcher has gathered information on the steps and guidelines of what an occupational therapist needs to follow for early intervention, the benefits it has for the child in need, and also the roles of an occupational therapist that will be further discussed. One of the most important role that an occupational therapist can do for a child with sensory integration is early intervention. The earlier you acknowledge the condition, the better outcome the child has at improving his/her physical and mental capabilities. Early intervention helps these children strive towards a path that improves their abilities and skills that are developed during these crucial years. Early intervention is a sequence of steps and guidelines on how to improve the child’s developmental skills, which are performed by the…
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