Early and Middle Adulthood

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Early and Middle Adulthood
Marianne Williamson said, “In our society, as people pass out of young adulthood, they tend to relate to themselves more in terms of what they are no longer than what they are now, and that’s psychologically low-grade devastating”. As we age, we tend to look at the future, that growth with fear or trepidation. We mourn the loss of our “youth” rather than embrace the new changes we are heading toward. These changes we will experience are vast and necessary for each stage of development. As we grow become adults we will experience a variety of psychological changes as we adjust to aging and any changes that will happen to our lifestyle. These changes should not be feared, they simply mark the growth and experience …show more content…

While early adulthood tend to be the happiest time for people, during middle adulthood changes occur that can add stress or strife to a person’s relationships.
Role Changes
Regardless of what is called, relationships during early and middle adulthood evolve due to a variety of reasons. During early adulthood people are working toward becoming financially stable, they are generally enjoying their life, either with or without a partner. During middle adulthood they are generally financially independent. Their children are growing and become independent. Those children may already be parents and they are becoming grandparents. They may also notice changes in their relationships with their siblings due to familial obligations or distance. This relationship may change again if one sibling becomes a parental caregiver. Generally during this time, family life keeps a person busy so they tend to have less time for friends.
Healthy and unhealthy habits. During this time, people are more settled and their personalities are more mature making them more equipped to deal with these changes. However they are also learning how choices they make or made during early adulthood can affect the rest of their lives. During early adulthood, people tend to be busier. They are eating fast food or generally making quick, unhealthy food choices. They may be smoking and drinking more than is advisable. Also, they may not get to exercise

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