Earth : The Only Frontier

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Levi Clay
English 12
Robin Cook
30 November 2015
Earth: The Only Frontier Scientists have thought for many years that life could exist beyond Earth. Outer space is a large place and has endless places life could possibly exist. Life is a very delicate thing therefor the planet which contains it has to meet precise conditions. However, after all the exploration and research scientists have come up with no results on other life forms away from Earth. Earth is the only place to support human life because of its atmosphere, planetary composition, climate and water availability. Scientists however are misleading people into believing in the possibility of life beyond our planet. A planet’s atmosphere plays an important role in life. Earth has atmospheric conditions that are perfect to support human life. Oxygen is what humans need to breath and is the most important gas. Oxygen makes up twenty one percent of earths atmosphere. Seventy eight percent of earths atmosphere is nitrogen which is used by plants and put out when humans exhale. The other one percent of gases in earths atmosphere are small and of very little importance to human life. This makes earth very different from the other seven planets atmospheres.
“What you take from the earth, you must give back. That 's nature 's way.” (Chris d 'Lacey, The Fire Within) Mercury however has a different atmospheric composition. It is composed of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, sodium, and potassium.…
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