East Germany Research Paper

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As I stated earlier West Germany was backed by the Western Allies, the three main countries were the United States, Great Britain, and France. These countries worked together to get West Germany back on its feet and to start running a democracy. “The Federal Republic pursued certain economic and political objectives, the fulfillment of which depended to a very great extent on the United States support and approval” (Lewan M. Kenneth Journal of Palestine Studies 4.4 (1975): 41-64. Web.). Soon after the war West Germany set up a new government with a new constitution. West Germany created eleven states in the Allies regions, and named it the Federal Republic of Germany. The goal of creating a sound democratic country is to create political parties …show more content…

“Policies and politics in the GDR were determined by two main outside forces: influence of the Soviet Union as occupation power and hegemon” (The Politics of Economic Decline in East Germany-1989). And a government called the German Democratic Republic was formed off of the communist Soviet Union. Don’t let the word Democratic fool you, there was nothing democratic about this system. As stated before the only main backer for the GDR was the Stalin’s Soviet Union. They controlled the leaders of East Germany and made sure there agenda was accomplished. Communistic Socialism is a system of farmers and union workers contributing to the country. Nothing was privately owned and everything went to the government. The goal of Stalin and the Soviet Union was to spread communism throughout the world. To push their agenda of dictating everything including industries, and farms. The GDR tried to establish their own national identity and move on from West Germany. Propaganda was a huge part of the Soviets agenda, by swaying the people to continue their policies without major riots or uprisings. Stalin wanted to keep the East German people vulnerable and in need of government assistance. So they will not be strong enough to resist that’s how communism functions. There is no room to advance in a communist government just to stay alive and that’s it. So now after looking over the two divided Germany’s and looking at their beliefs and goals for their countries. Let’s look at how they handled the major events during that time period in

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