East Hollywood Child Day Care Center Fundraising Event

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East Hollywood Child Day Care Center Fundraising Event
Since day care centers are convenient resources for working parents, it is crucial for these centers to provide healthy meals and snacks for the children. On December 10, 2015 parents, children, and friends will be able to enter the new day care center opening on the here in Los Angeles. About 100 participants of all ages are expected to attend the fundraising event. The theme: good habits start at an early age will be displayed throughout the back parking lot of the day care center, were the event will take place.
The East Hollywood Day Care Center was proposed four years ago with the mission of providing healthy snacks and meals to their guests at no extra charge. The day care values reflect the ones from parents worried about the childhood obesity epidemic that is currently striking the United States. At this event, children will get a chance to interact with other children through various activities while their parents will be given nutritional information for toddlers and young children.
The day care sees themselves as a second home for the children. Each child is viewed and treated as an individual with dignity and respect. The daycare envisions the health of its guest as a crucial part to raise healthy children in Los Angeles.
The goal of this fundraising event is to provide nutrition information for toddlers and young children while raising money for the new day care center. Healthy…

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