East Stroudsburg University : 2015 Eastern Fall Sectional Special Olympics

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East Stroudsburg University hosted the 2015 Eastern Fall Sectional Special Olympics Sunday, October 5th 2015. Many different events were held at venues throughout East Stroudsburg University’s campus. The Special Olympics was organized by SOPA and campus officials. The purpose of the Special Olympics was to bring together athletes with intellectual disabilities to showcase their talent by participating and competing in their skilled event/event’s. My positon for the Special Olympics was Chair of Food Services. The first of the managerial functions is planning. As an organization we set a goal of running a smooth and successful Special Olympics. We first spent time mapping out the necessary steps to do this. We each split into different groups based on our positions held. My group was support services, which consisted of security, food, equipment, signage, communication, and transportation. In Organizing the event I first needed to know how many athlete’s and volunteer were attending the event. I than needed to figure out where the food venues were going to be located and how many venues were necessary for this event. Next, I had to figure out the appropriate amount of food service volunteers needed. Also, I needed to know where each Olympic event was taking place. With this information I was able to create a distribution chart showing the amount of food needed at each venue. In leading the event I first connected with my volunteers by sending out an email thanking them

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