Easy Rider: a Pursuit of American Identity

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Easy Rider: An Epic journey into the unknown For the American dream Easy Rider is the late 1960s "road film" tale of a search for freedom (or the illusion of freedom) and an identity in America, in the midst of paranoia, bigotry and violence. The story, of filmmakers' Fonda/Hopper creation, centers around the self-styled, counter-cultured, neo-frontiersmen of the painfully fashionable late 60s. As for the meaning of Easy rider, Peter Fonda (Wyatt) said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, ¡§it is a southern term for a whore¡¦s old man, not a pimp, but a dude who lives with a chick. Because he¡¦s got the easy ride. Well, that¡¦s what¡¦s happened to America, man. Liberty¡¦s become a whore, and we¡¦re all taking an easy ride¡¨ .…show more content…
The youth audiences were especially fond of this film because it represents a reflection of their hopes of liberation and fears of the Establishment. Themes of Easy Rider and its Counter Culture Elements When films emblematic of 1960s American Counter Culture are mentioned, Easy Rider comes to the fore. Wyatt and Billy, suggest the two memorable Western outlaws Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid (two buddies). Their costumes combine traditional patriotic symbols with emblems of loneliness, criminality and alienation, the American flag, cowboy decorations, long-hair, and drugs. They have sacrificed a lot because of their peculiar outlook and behaviors, which are controversial for their non-conformist style. With their unconventionality, the film has also manifested a break from modern society and defying the rules of mainstream society. At the beginning of their trip, Wyatt casts off his wristwatch to the ground to symbolize his new-found freedom and rejection of time constraints in modern society. On the other hand, Billy shouted in protest for being jailed after parading without permission, ¡§you gotta be kidding. I mean, you know who this is, man? This is Captain America. I'm Billy. Hey, we're headliners baby. We played every fair in this part of the country. I mean, for top dollar, too.¡¨ They reject the established social value and crave for liberation. For these, they are constantly immediately rebuffed, feared, and
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