Essay about Easyjet- Principles of Operations Management

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The essay will firstly introduce the organisation easyJet. Secondly the essay will explain about how easyJet uses its operation strategies and its competitive priorities. Finally the essay will discuss the most important operation decision and explain it further in detail. easyJet is a well known low-cost airline which operates in several European countries and has been founded by serial entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in 1995. easyJet undertook intensive research of a United States owned low-cost airline ‘Southwest Airline’. Most of the concepts for easyJet were adopted from Southwest airline; however easyJet added its own touch which reduced operating costs even further. EasyJet was strategically located at London's Luton airport. …show more content…

When it comes to providing low cost there are many different strategies easyJet use which help lower its expenses. These strategies are e.g. using the internet for online booking, which reduces distribution costs, it makes an effort to utilise as many aircrafts as possible and making sure the aircrafts are full as possible and flying as much as possible. Another strategy is ticketless travel which reduces the cost printing and other cost related to it. The organisation also reduces cost by not offering free meal during the flight, applying paperless operations as most of their paper work is done online e.g. filing of paper based customer information does not have to be stored in secure places, using economies of scale to lower expenses e.g. buying aircraft , fuel and food all in bulk. Efficient use of airports making sure enough planes are turning over customers, also if the aircrafts are in the hangers and not in service they are still paying the fee to lease the space from the airport authorities. And another good strategy is having few levels of management where they do not have to pay high salary to highly skilled staff.

Capacity and forecasting is important operation decisions for easyJet as this creates and identifies activities within and outside the business to gain its greatest profitability .This approach allows easyJet to develop a cost per seat model comparison with competitor airlines. Seats are sold accordingly. Seat prices

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