Eating Disorder

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Eating Disorders: Dying To Be Skinny Lyric Stembridge Berkmar High School Ms. Destang March 13, 2014

Eating disorders are very dangerous eating conditions that involve either overeating or not eating at all. There are two main eating disorders; anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. These disorders are taken very lightly in society. They are caused by some many factors and if they not caught early enough they can become fatal. These harmful habits shouldn’t begin to form at such a young age,
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People sometimes assume that when a person is dieting that it may turn into an eating disorder but that’s not always the case.
Some women strive to be skinny and wish they were anorexic and there are there are people out there who help them achieve that goal Women are literally starving themselves to death to look “Beautiful”. They fail to recognize the dangers of the disease. Anorexia is not about feeling thin, proud and beautiful; if you take the time to listen to an anorexic you will hear that they feel fat, unattractive and inadequate (Goldsmith, 2014, Pg.1). They are scared and trapped (Goldsmith, 2014, Pg.1). Anorexia is not the type of disease that one can just simply recover quickly from. Anorexics’ minds are not their own; they are possessed by thoughts of weight, body image, food and calories (Goldsmith, 2014, Pg.1). Anorexia isn’t just hard on the person experiencing it but also the people around them. While anorexia is characterized by the different situations, bulimia is a very different disorder. Bulimia nervosa involves eating large amounts of food in a short amount of time and then tries to prevent weight gain by getting rid of the food (Bulimia Nervosa Fact Sheet, 2014, Pg.1). This disorder may be one of the unhealthiest ways to get rid of wanted weight gain.
A person with bulimia feels he or she cannot control the amount of food eaten. Also
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