Eating Disorhood: The Four Pillars Of Childhood

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The four pillars of “childhood “is the method of diagnosing the issues and purpose of an eating disorder. It is very clear now that eating disorder connected with the psychological problems. The roots of these problems in most cases refer to childhood, the time where the personality is forming and shaping.
There are four main areas that can affect our inner self from childhood, so respectively there are four pillars are established and each of them represents a different aspect of the individual.
Pillar 1 - Unconditional love A child must be sure that she is always loved by her parents, and it should not depend on the child’s behaviour or skills, or abilities. Any child deserves love. Full score of Pillar 1 means that a child feels good enough in the family; she/he is valued as a person, respected and confidence with the fact she/he always count on the parents and their love whenever she/he needs reassurance. …show more content…

Conditional love will bring a child the feelings of helplessness, being useless, being not good enough for the good things such as ice cream or sweets, which usually are used only for “good” children. Low confidence, bitterness in the soul, the search how to “earn” love, the idea that “I am not deserve anything in this world” – all of these under the certain conditions will provokes Eating Disorders as well as other mental

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