Analysis Of Kendal Et Al Developed Around The Idea Of Young People, Eating Disorders Essay

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The research conducted by Kendal et al developed around the idea of young people, eating disorders and how this was extended on to social networking, specifically through a discussion forum run by an eating disorders charity. The Critical Appraisal Skill Programme (CASP) was utilised to identify the quality of the research Boeckmann and Rohn (2014).
Statements of the aims of the research
The aims of the research were instantly identified as the researchers presented the aims clearly in the introduction. Identifying the aims and statement of the research reflect the direction of the research almost immediately and formulates the title of the article. There is also an importance behind the research that is clear and relevant as young people (10-19 years old) are suffering from eating disorders.
The introduction is authentic about the seriousness of the aims and a clear statement of the research, the introduction is very well referenced. Nevertheless, the introduction could be broken down into two sections which would consist of a brief introduction to be followed by a distinct literature review where the secondary sources would be introduced. The structure of the entire is complete with relevant and necessary secondary sources.
Appropriateness of Methodology
Qualitative research aims to generate in-depth accounts from individuals and groups by talking with them, watching their behaviour, and analysing their artefacts”. (Kuper, 2008 P.288) The qualitative

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