Eating For The Workout Meals

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Eat For The Workout A comprehensive guide to pre and post workout meals to lose weight and build

Introduction A fit, lean and healthy body is the new American dream. It is the mirage that everybody is chasing now-a-days. As a response to this enthusiasm, there is an influx of diet regimes, revolutionary "scientific discoveries", fancy modified foods and workout machinery in the market. Some of these really do work while others are just marketing gimmicks.
It has been established the most sure shot way to get your dream body is to workout with a targeted regime. This is very much true. However one fact that most trainers and gym enthusiasts miss out is that your performance is directly linked to your intake. Hence the age old …show more content…

With the right meals, you can achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

The Science of Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

The generic terms flying around along with the concept of weight loss are that "you should eat less" or "you should exercise more" but how much reduction in eating is adequate? What should be the time and intensity of the workout?
The answer to both these questions is linked to your body 's required calorie intake.

The energy that is in our body is referred to in the form of calories. When we consume food, we intake calories. Think of it as depositing money in the bank. Ingested calories are now a part of your system, ready to be "spent" away. Whenever we undergo any form of physical activity, the calories are consumed. Sort of like spending money.
As long as the amount of calories taken in, is nearly equal to that of the calories consumed, everything will be well and good. The problem arises when the calorie intake is greater than the consumption. This is the main root cause of all weight gain issues.
Different food items have different amount of calories. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and other fiber rich food items are filling but have lower calories. On the other hand, processed white food, packaged food and fast food have an influx of empty calories. This means that these calories are not accompanied by any nutritional value for the body.
The simplest formula for losing

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