Ecological Model By Urie Bronfenbrenner

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Urie bronfenbrenner has proposed a model known as the ecological model. The model explains out the human development with relation to entire ecological system in which he lives, infect in which growth occurs . Before explanation I would like to focus on some key words of the assignment that is important part in understanding the model.

Ecology is the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organism to one another and to their physical surroundings.
Cary institute of ecosystem studies(2014) given the definition of ecology as ‘the scientific study of process influencing the distribution and abundance of organism, the interactions among organisms, and the interaction between organism and the transformation and influx of energy and matter’.

The Socio Ecological Model
These are the models which gives the
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ecological system. He goes on, he says that ecological system is made up of five socially organized subsystems and these subsystems impact on his or her development by providing help, support and guidance. These subsystem vary from micro system to macro system, former has direct interaction with individual like school and family while later has indirect interaction the cultural environment in which the person lives and all other system that affect. The most of the theories which supports the ecological systems have been given by Urie bronfenbrenner; his theories are the result of analysis and integration of results from imperial investigations done for several years by the researches from different…show more content…
The Chrono System

This system contains the transition and shifts in one`s life span. This system relates development of child keeping dimension of time in his life growth. Elements of this systems can be either external.

Identity build-up of a
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