Economic Factors That Affect Population Growth

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A Discussion of the Economic Factors that Affect Population Growth in Dubai
This essay forms a discussion about the economic factors that affect population growth, in Dubai. According to McGinley (2013), there are two factors that contribute to population growth: high birth rates and immigration into a country. Births add more people to the country’s total population, thus increasing the total population. Deaths, on the other hand, reduce the population size, thus decreasing the total population. Further, immigration adds to the population, but emigration reduces the total population. This essay proceeds as follows. First, I outline the levels of the Demographic Transition Model (DTM) and the factors that affect the birth and death rates. Second, I consider methods that other country’s (namely Germany and New Zealand) have established to control their total population. Third, I devote attention to the status of Dubai’s economy and how it has contributed to population growth. Finally, I draw this essay to a conclusion, summing the discussion within.
A nation can experience a series of fluctuations in its total population. According to Barker et al. (2008), the DTM is composed of five stages (the high fluctuating, early expanding, late expanding, and low fluctuating and decline stage). The DTM model explains how birth and death rate changes over time; these changes are entirely dependent upon economic development. For instance, death rates drop rapidly as a country begins to

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