Economic Incentives Essay

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Topic: Economic incentives

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Economic incentives are used to influence a person. The postulate
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Incentives are seen everywhere in daily life and they appear in a variety of ways. Whether a person is making a choice between what to eat for lunch or when to go to bed, they are being influence by incentives. For example, images of an appealing lunch meal in a TV commercial may make someone choose Subway over Mcdonalds. However, the same thought process can motivate someone to prefer a meal at McDonalds because of the company’s constant promotion of their “dollar menu” (Mcdonalds, 2013). Either of these incentives can appeal to a person, depending on what they are motivated by, in this case, either health or money.
The Bible is full of different forms of incentives. Some people can skim the Bible and note its major incentive; the opportunity for eternal life. However a deeper knowledge of what God says shows many more incentives. Other incentives are exemplified in the Bible: believers have faith which gives them peace (Romans 5:1), faith leads to loving the Creator and experiencing His love (Psalms 85:10), and the knowledge of right and wrong gives an opportunity for forgiveness (Acts 2:38). All of these reasons for believing the Bible, along with many more, can motivate a person to choose that specific approach to life.
In its essence, an incentive is a deliberate proposal calculated to make a person choose a certain action. Thus, the reason why incentives are so popular in society is because everything and
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