Economy : Science And Technology

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Danny Dextre Kevin Wilson
Hum 110-358
Economy Innovated Through Science & Technology
When we look at science and technology in today’s current society, our economy plays a key role. Through science and technology, the most we look for in the economic world is the creation of jobs, created innovative ideas, and steps to make companies more profitable. These are things that I believe would help benefit the economy through scientific & technological innovation. In the prehistoric ages, our economy would have not existed if man had not created the wheel and without the use of science and technology, we would not be creating new job or having new innovated ideas to better the companies around the world. The economy depends upon scientific & technological resources. Today’s companies most are producing enough goods and demands to where those demands help to generate the creation of new jobs, and also helps companies to keep their competitive edge in order to stay above every one of their competitors. In most cases, being is a lot easier than being unemployed, unemployed people who are actively trying to find work and get discouraged due to the jobs available or what companies are generally hiring for. There is a conservative idea that cutting taxes for the lower, middle, and upper classes with jobs, but that will not work now or in the future. In today’s society, the government is not certain that jobs will not be sustained, but we need to come up with innovated

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