How Did Eddie Mabo Contribute To Society

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Many people have tried to close the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people in many different and inspirational ways. Eddie Mabo was a moving man that, from his works has changed the lives of many aboriginal/indigenous people today. I believe that Eddie Mabo has influenced modern society with his beliefs and values of the Indigenous people and their rights. Eddie Mabo fought for the rights of the people of Mer Island, so they would not lose their home, memories and life.
Eddie Mabo has had such an impact on today’s society for indigenous people and the Meriam people were facing racial discriminations in their community. Some of Eddie Mabo’s many achievements include “campaigning for better access for Indigenous peoples to legal and medical services, housing, social services and education and establishing the Townsville Black Community School.” (Stephenson, 1989-1999). Mabo believed that it was along for the Australians along with Terra Nullius, a legal document which held that Australia as unoccupied at the time of colonization. “I was sitting in a car breastfeeding my six month old son, who was born the day before I buried my dad, when I heard on the radio we had won the case. I started crying and thinking that if my father was alive he would be dancing. I then heard the sound of thunder and said to my son ‘hear that, he is dancing.” (Australian Government, 2014). Eddie Mabo has contributed to the Australian History a lot with his beliefs. Firstly, he has

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