Education And Social Problem Solving Skills

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Introduction Teachers have different ways of engaging children in social problem solving skills. The literature review revolves around this argument. The different topics to be discussed are inclusive of the children capabilities in terms of their social emotional development and skills that children need in order to become problem solvers. The other topic is the methodology which discusses the strategies used in different articles, the classroom environment and the action of teachers as models following their professional development from their training to coaching activities. At the end the paper the influence of this training on children is discussed. Children capabilities • Social emotional development Whitted, K. S. (2011), …show more content…

This provides significant positive impacts statistically on the social behaviors of the three year olds and a mutual closeness with their teachers and with each other. The results point to new potential directions for future research and the development of pre-school interventions to enhance. • Skills that children need to become a problem solver (such as imaginations, flexibility, etc.) Pitri, E. (2013), discusses Creative Problem solving via artwork. It involves analysis and logical thinking and also irrational thinking through ways such as fantasy and play. Creativity is ideally not a requirement in problem solving but creative production is a situation that needs problem solving. Individuals who are creative are able to solve problems in a more innovative, appropriate manner and high quality. Art activities help children face technical, interpersonal and contextual problems, following critical thinking skills the children can make choices among a variety of possible solutions (Pitri, E. 2013). Children who solve problems using creative thinking skills to solve problems are usually focused on the task and they continuously define new problems and can ask questions out loud. Problem solving skills and reasoning create a foundation for the learning of a lifetime. Reasoning, making inferences, implementing decisions and analysing arguments to solve the common problems are all important skills across all the areas of development. The skills give

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