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Data science, as an illustrious application in Statistics, is my direction in career. The four-year study in applied math motivates me to take the challenge of pursuing a master 's degree in statistics. In addition, my aspiration to become a professional data analyst also gives the graduate study an absolute necessity. To trace my determination in data science, my intern as an assistant consultant in Wisedge Education is an inspiration. There, I constructed my very first data report on evaluating education-consulting services by Excel. The sample was prospective Chinese undergraduates of colleges and universities in the U.S in the previous five years. The scatter plot on acceptance rates and ranking of universities enrolled showed an …show more content…

For methodology, it was fortunate that I got the opportunity to join the Directed Reading Program on statistical methods, ranking soccer teams in cooperation with Dr. Steve. Because outcomes involving multiple categories occur more often, we wanted to compare and improve existing ranking methods, and made them suitable for more classifications. For example, primarily, there was only one classification: scores. To advance, currently, classification of yardages would also be considered when ranking. After collecting unstructured data online, we used least squares to get the squared matrix for Massey 's Method but found it failed to cover multiple categories simultaneously. After research and comparison of other methods, we found that Markov Method succeeded because the weights can be assigned to eigenvectors of normalized stochastic matrices. Since we have found the desired method, we reached the agreement that the comparison between the two methods was consequential here. The results by using the two methods of ranking the same set of scores were different. Therefore, on the seminar, I concluded that Markov methods outperformed Massey’s Method in the research, but further research suggests that Massey’s Methods have a better performance under some circumstances. It is the charisma of data science that analysts should adjust measures to local situations. During the research, MATLAB dominated to produce outcomes. However, it functions more on mathematical calculation,

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