Education For A Diverse And Inclusive Workshop

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Promising Practical project
On November 4th 2017, a Promising Practice Conference entitled “ Education for a Diverse and Inclusive Workshop.” was held at Rhode Island College organized and supported by the Dialogue on Diversity, committee on college lectures, office of the president, the vice president of academic affairs and the Division of Community, Equity and Diversity RIc. The conference was divided into 14 workshop sessions, from letter A to letter N. I had the opportunity to register for one of the workshops although it was mandatory for us to attend.
In the classroom, we were instructed to register for only one workshop, l did and regised for workshop E titled “ developing a sustainable and strategic plan for diversity and …show more content…

I am a living example of a student who lived in the conditions described in Mr. Berliner’s article who was able to overcome many social and economic difficulties to succeed academically in school. I think that even though it is really hard to positively impact students living in low-economic communities because of the social and economic difficulties they are expose to, teacher can still influence them by providing them with essential educational tools to persuade them to become professionals by continuing educating themselves in higher Ed. schools.

At the workshop, the presenter introduced herself and asked us to also introduce ourselves. After the introductions, she went straight to the point by explaining Diversity and inclusion and why it is valued at blue cross and blue shield. For instance, she said diversity and inclusion have had a great inpact on their ability to grow their business, retain and attract talented associates and be an innovative and high-performing organization.

After the workshops, there was about 15min break, followed by keynote address by Lisa M McBride, Ph.D. holder and a vice president for Inclusion Excellence at Salem State University. Lisa in her keynotes explained what inclusive teaching strategies were. She refered to them as teaching approaches that strives to serve the needs of all students, no matter their backgrounds or identities and support their engagement with subject materials. She also made mention of racial

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