Education Is The Building Block Of Society

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Education is the building block of society. Without it, the world would go downhill. So individuals should want to receive the best education possible, right? But what is considered the “best” form of education? How can an individual determine what form is most effective when there are so many different ways of receiving an education? Every individual learns best under slightly different circumstances. It is possible for one type of schooling to be incredibly effective for one individual and be incredibly ineffective for another. This paper will focus on two of the more predominant forms, online schooling and traditional schooling, and determine under which circumstances they are most effective.
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In traditional schools, some courses are just not made available to students, but because only one teacher is needed for an online class of hundreds of kids, it is possible for a student to participate in his or her desired classes. Cheryl Vedoe, the president and chief executive officer of Apex learning, claims that hiring a full-time teacher is highly unlikely in today’s economy, especially when it’s more financially feasible for a school to sign with online providers for certain subjects.
Online school may be cheaper to run than traditional public schools, but they also do not make as much money are traditional schools. Cathy Cavanaugh, a researcher and an associate professor of educational technology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, claims that one of the biggest problems with online schools is the lack of data that exists on how much it actually costs to educate students online (Education Week, 2009). In 2006, the average cost per-pupil in traditional schools was approximately $9,100, and in 2008, the average cost per-pupil in online schools was approximately $4,300. In the end, which system is more effective? Traditional schools make more money per student, but online schools save more from day to day.
Online schooling is foreign to most. Even though the population of students attending virtual school is growing, it is still very small in comparison to those who attend traditional

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