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Is Online School As Beneficial As Traditional Instruction? Imagine this: A student wakes up, eager to start their day of school. They eat breakfast and get dressed and then walk across their house to their computer where they log on and start their school day. Although this may seem like a very futuristic way to do school, it is a reality for many students across the United States. Although the benefits and downfalls of this idea are almost even, it is still being explored and researched. Supporters of this idea say that students could learn different things not usually offered in a classroom, a computer can customize to students’ needs better, and online classes cost less. The other side of the argument references John F. Kennedy’s quote, …show more content…

Although the sides to this argument are almost balanced, traditional instruction is better because it helps kids learn social survival skills, have a better working environment, and work more efficiently. First, there is the fact that schools can only teach so many classes. This is becoming more distinct to many students across America, as budget cuts have eliminated some classes from a student’s choices. Having school online could solve that problem, as Andrew Wyrich wrote in the article, “Making a Virtual School Day Count.” Although this is true, there are other skills students are losing by doing online school. In Utah, a program was piloted in which children were provided an online preschool program in exchange for traditional preschool, as Emma Brown explains. “It’s also missing some ingredients- especially social and emotional learning- that many experts and parents consider central to the education of …show more content…

Some say that a computer can generate better information tailored to a student's’ need, but being too reliant on computers takes away writing, which helps students remember information better. Students are also more successful with a real teacher to guide them and there is a bigger commitment to learning in a real classroom. Next, online school isn’t worth it because of the unfocused environment, lack of professional supplies, and all of the technological upgrading that would be needed, even though the day to day cost of online school would be cheaper. Finally, in an online school a student may learn different unique skills, but it would still ruin essential school survival skills, starting with writing, social skills, and time management. Overall, an online school is not worth it. Traditional face to face learning or traditional face to face learning with components of technology is a much better option because of the diversity and social interaction people provide. This is why John F. Kennedy is right. “Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.” The image of students not having to leave the house to go to school, is not an image that belongs in a futuristic movie any more. It is something happening in right now, but it is something that should be changed so that every child can have the best

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