Education Is The Most Important Actuary

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1.1. INTRODUCTION: Education is the most important actuary to mankind. It is education which transforms man from two legged animals into human being. Education is the process of developing the capacities and potentials of the individual so as to prepare that individual to be successful specific culture and society. Though Education is a lifelong process yet it is commonly considered in its narrow sense. Both common man and nation have some expectation from Education. They expect that education must develop children into matured, dynamic, resourceful human being with strong moral character who can serve himself his family and nation as well as an ideal. Moral values and character should be inherited into a child at early age in home and …show more content…

The population of Lucknow city is 28 lacs approx out of which around 6.45 lacs people live in slums. Most of the people living in slums of Lucknow belong to deprived class (Census 2011). Thus overall picture of elementary education in India implies that "Educational Attainment and Opportunities" for the Urban Deprived especially children in slums are much lower than for the affluent section of population. Education is one of the most important tools to shape the all-round development of an individual. This development of an individual is defined and determined by ones Educational Attainment during the school. Now in an era of technological growth and inventions the term "Educational Attainment" is not only used in terms of academics but also in other periphery of school study such as vocational and co-curricular achievement. For Urban deprived specially slum dwellers the "Educational Attainment" is the need of hour for their betterment and upliftment. As the Parental Education level in slums are very low most of slum dwellers want to help their ward in the family work such as repairing, tailoring handicraft etc. or to work somewhere else to help their family financially.
Elementary Education System in India is providing incentives for attaining schools, making school process attractive to the children. Streamlining the middle and high school curriculum to make it more vocational and Job

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