Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon

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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). United States. has a powerful educational arsenal, its community colleges. For the reason being, community college should be free for students of less fortunate and other students who cannot afford college after high school. If the government proposed free community college to the students, each and everyone will have the chance to get an education as well the opportunity to have a better future. Free community college is a really important matter that will not be solved in a year, It is an extensive idea of the United States and it 's not a partial matter. It 's an American issue about how we 're going to be as one nation. Who are we providing for and…show more content…
Students drop out of college, and the problem is usually time and money. Those who are able to take out loans for college also are required to pay the money back. Besides that, most employers do not allow workers to change their schedule when student need to change it. Some students who drop out of college eventually return back to finish their degree, but most of them don 't ever re-enroll back again. If the government proposed free community college to its students, everyone will happily attend college and get an education without the frustration of paying tuition fees or any other bills that have to do with college. Although, Government offers free education to students with great academic performance and talents, but are not considering all the students that cannot afford education.
Another key difference between the students from a rich family and students of a poor family is that rich kids can attend college and get their education with no exasperation while the poor kids struggle to get their education. “The high sticker price of the universities is cited as a huge barrier to educating lower-income students while loans end up filling the gaps in student aid, which don 't cover other associated costs. For instance, at a public university such as the University of California, Berkeley, the top public university in the U.S., tuition is $13,878. However, the total cost of attendance with books, supplies, room and board and transportation
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