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To me as a black woman. It's always tricky to distinguish the actions of an individual from the actions of their collective group. however, many likeminded people from varying cultural backgrounds who both share similar viewpoints and read the news constantly would agree. During the stages of my development, I did not always understand why my parents forced me to follow the laws that they had put in place. Like, why should I really cut the lawn? Why was school really so important? Why cannot I put candy in my oat bowl? My child was full of such questions. About ordinary things about being a child and realizing that sometimes, it was better to listen to my father even when I did not quite understand why. It's not that they did not want me …show more content…

We hid behind the cars, running in the dark between the street lamps, with endless laughter filling the place. But within 10 minutes, my father came out and grabbed me from my arms and led me into my room with an unusual grip. Before I could say anything, before I told him how he had made a stupid sighter in front of my friends, he scoffed at me for being naïve. My father looked into my eyes, and the fear filled his face. "Sorry, son, but you cannot act like your white friends, you cannot pretend to shoot, you can not run in the dark, you can not hide behind anything other than your tongue." I know now how scared he was, how easily and consciously, I was in the night, that someone might make a mistake for a good reason to wipe it all out.on a shirt or a tombstone, where the value of someone's life is determined by nothing but the fact that they have lived, a place where each of us can breathe. These are the kinds of messages that have been following me all my life: always keep your hands where they see them, do not move fast, take off your hat when the sun sets. My parents, my brothers and I, in the shield of advice, set the perimeter of the alarm bells so that no one can steal the breath from our lungs, so no one can make this skin memorable. To be children, not coffins or cement. Not because they thought it made us better than anyone else, simply

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