Reflection About Education

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Have you ever wondered about the way the education system is carried out in the United States? How about if students from small towns are at a disadvantage? Coming from a small town, my high school was exactly like the typical American high school described by Amanda Ripley, in her book, “The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way.” After reading this book and taking careful notes, I now see many relationships between her book and my old high school, which I will describe in this piece. My high School, Wellsboro Area High School, was disorganized, lacking rigor because of many factors, including sports, biased, and lacked teacher confidence. Now, finally in college, I get to reflect on my experience and speak the truth about what I thought while in the education system.
I guess a good spot to start would be with sports; my high school was a big football school which meant most of their effort went to the football team. By effort I mean that most of my school’s budget went to the football team and when there wasn’t enough money for the team, a program’s funds might be cut in half. I know this because my dad was on the school board and frequently would come home complaining about what the school was trying to cut, just to make money for the football team. For example, one year the team wanted new uniforms, but the team already spent all their money. In order to obtain the correct amount of money, the school cut the music program’s budget in half to save money

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