Reflective Essay On Education

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Education is a vital part of our society it is critical, from the early stages of preschool, kindergarten, middle and high school and to those that are pursuing higher learning. We are all in a consistent learning cycle, paying little respect to our present educational structure. All through history, we have been learning in various ways. Since we are in the 21st Century, learning is winding up more digitalized. This is the thing that makes it so vital to be able to get a handle on information for what it's worth and have the capacity to apply it to our regular day to day existences. As we learn, we should likewise comprehend that there are diverse learning styles out there that does not transfer data in a simplistic way. This is the reason, as individuals, we must choose if the way data is passed particularly works for us or not. As Friere states in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, "Education either works as an instrument which is utilized to encourage coordination of the more youthful era into the rationale of the present framework, and achieve similarity or it turns into the act of flexibility. The methods by which men and ladies bargain basically and imaginatively with reality and find how to take an interest in the change of their reality." What does it REALLY mean to gain an education? Does it mean you attended a university and got a degree? Does it mean you can recollect pretty much all that you see or read? As I would like to think, it is not one or the other. Being

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