Education Reform And Curriculum Design

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lowest approval rating in history (Gallup Poll) is sty mied in debate and influenced more by corporation
backe d lobbying engines than by our vote, do student s interact with the government in the way the political knowledge they are asked to learn seems to suggest they do?
At the time of our nation’s foundi ng, Thomas Jefferson believed a reading public meant a better educated, therefore more actively democratic
public. Students’ training in citizenship began with their literacy. He and Horace Mann’s first attempts to codify an
American public school system w ere designed around this philosophy. Conversations regarding student education reform and curriculum design are often still centered on the assumption that
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Thus education should be modeled around creating this hierarchy of participation. His idea was not universally accepted however, and John Dewey published several compliment pieces countering Lippmann’s claims. Dewey did not argue that

much of the democratic processes as described by Lippmann were problematic.
conceded that current models were not ideal.
However, he did reject any solution tha t erected a hierarchy with an amateur/expert citizen binary. Dewey believed the solution was to provide a better and more holistic education to the public, therefore enriching the public’s ability to discern media messages a nd avoid manufacture d consent
ey stated In the Public & Its Problems
“It is not necessary that the many should have knowledge and skill to carry on the needed investigations; what is required is that they hav e the ability to judge the knowledge supplied by others upon common concerns.” This emphasis on education leading to discursive, analytical students echoes in current media literacy conversations.
sentiment remained the centerpiece of conver sations about student civics education, even as the world and technology changed. During testimony to a Senate committee, Ted Kennedy argued that, “because of the enormous impact of modern communications, especially television, our youth are extremely well informed on all the crucial issues of our time, foreign and domestic,

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