Educational Goals Should Be Achieved By The Completion Of Instruction Of Each Course

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Something that I found within the chapter that I overwhelmingly agree with is the concept of standards. These are defined on page 438 and are simply axioms that dictate what educational goals should be achieved by the completion of instruction of each course. I know that as a current student trying to figure out how to apply all of the standards is frustrating, and it will be increasingly frustrating when in the classroom trying to insure that they have all been applied correctly. However, the concept of standards is so important for educators and students alike to make sure they are all in the same place educationally. Growing up, my family moved six times before I was in fifth grade. With a new school every year, I needed some form of normalcy and continuity. Thankfully standards were for the most part followed, so when I jumped from one school to another I was able to keep up with what everyone else in the state was learning at that time. Also, standards are crucial for teachers, especially when collaborating with several teachers in same department and subject matter, to insure that the students are learning everything they need to know to succeed but also to build on in the future classes that they will take. Although I struggle from time to time making sense of these somewhat confusing rules, I know that standards create an essential map for my students learning and success. Currently something that I dislike, and often find surprising, is dealing with wait-time.…
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