Ap Psychology Personal Statement

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It's fascinating that humankind has had an easier time entering outer space than trying to develop a complete understanding of the human brain; and this paucity of information is what drove me to pursue the field of psychology, the fact that resting in my head is one of the world's most ironic enigmas. How can we know so little about the thing that makes us who we are? On the first day of my AP psychology course, my teacher informed us that “In this class you may be left with more questions than answers, and if you can't handle that, this may not be the class for you.” And when he said that, it was clear to that I was in the right place. You see, a riddle is no fun if the solution is obvious.

However, it's not just the excitement to find answers that inspires my passion, it's also the need to help those who have been plagued by the illnesses that are unseen and consequently mispercieved as …show more content…

I want to travel and experience new cultures, and give people greater access to psychological help in places where it's unavailable. So the options for studying abroad is one of many factors that attracts me _____, as well as the opportunities the psychology program there allows during and after University. I know that attending ___ will help enable me to accomplish my goals and grow as an individual. I intend to research a lot of things, but I'm most eager to do research on possible abnormal psychologic trends among the children of Chernobyl survivors. I want to gather evidence to help either prove or disprove the theory of linguistic determinism. Also to do in-depth longitudinal research to see if frequently moving from place to place as a child has any long term effect on disposition, social skills, and mental health issues. Ultimately, I’d love to work for the

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