Edvard Beardsley And Shen Mugh : The Art Of Work

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It is a huge thought that artwork is famous from the emotions it shows. People can feel happy, sad, and mad just by the way art piece is represented. These artists are more interested in expressing emotional experience and less focused on realism. The art work is about the feeling at the time. The two artists Edvard Beardsley, and Shen Zhou created two pieces that expressed the emotions they felt about someone or themselves. Emotions are a huge part of people and also art. In the two art work, it shows the motivation to find the worth from behind every experience.
The English artist Edvard Beardsley who was born in 1872 felt the deeply pain of human life and believed that people were powerless before the great natural forces of death and love. The emotions associated with those forces like jealousy, loneliness, and fear. Edward munch had a deep effect on subsequent painters in Europe and also Unites States. His style quickly changes after World War 1. Only a few painters all over the world have been as successful as Edvard Munch in symbolizing emotions in his works of art. Munch’s art piece called “the scream”, was painted in 1893 when he was 30 years old. It exemplifies his style and till today it remains one of the most potent symbols of the unbearable pressures of modern life on individual people. The painting is a man standing on a bridge. He used color, line, and figural distortion to evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer. The inspiration for the painting

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