Effect Of A Substance On Daphnia

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Abstract: The experiment was conducted by a number of individuals to see how the effects of a substance would have an effect on a Daphnia. The Daphnia’s were placed in multiple different substances environment to see the effect it would have on their heart rates. When doing the experiment the first step was to take the Daphnia and put it a Water solution to observe the heart rate of the Daphnia and record the heart rate. Recording of the heart rate were taken for when the Daphnia were in the Water solution that way they could compare with the next solution which was Caffeine.
Caffeine was chosen because it raises the heartbeat of humans, so they wanted to see what would happen when given to a Daphnia. One drop of Caffeine was dropped onto the Daphnia and then observed to get a recording of the heart rate. The results for both of the solutions were different which arose the question of whether the Caffeine had an effect on the Daphnia’s. The control group was tested first with 5 trials of different Daphnia, this gave an average heart rate of 114.8 with a difference of 0 between the two Daphnia. The heart rates were recorded 3 times for each Daphnia, for each trial 2 Daphnia’s were tested. When the Daphnia were placed in the toxin the results showed a very obvious change in heart rate with an average of 15.6 in heart rates between the Daphnia placed in water and the Daphnia mixed with caffeine. The experiment was done in a controlled environment in the Parker build at

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