Effect of Colonization in Kenya

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Yahya Bello
World studies
2nd period

The effect of colonialism in Kenya This essay analyses the effect of colonialism in Kenya. It explains the depth of colonialism within Kenya’s context and analyses the impact of colonial conquest, the imposition of international and local administrative boundaries. It also examined further the lasting consequences of colonial economic and social policies concerning colonialism in Kenya. This essay gives more explanation that has to do with British colonialism in Kenya. Colonialism developed from imperialism, which can be referred to as the highest stage of capitalism. Capitalism, imperialism and colonialism share
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Internally African, Indian and European settler interests were also at variance. More often than not European settlers had the ear of pro-settler governors. Moreover, in the interest of capital these policies were anchored on partial dissolution and restructuring of pre-colonial structures. It was also in the interest of capital to place the market under the colonial state’s control. This was done with greater enthusiasm during the post-Second World War period more popularly known as the second colonial occupation. Colonial commodity production, because of inappropriate practice, led to widespread environmental degradation. Forest concessions, which were granted to individuals and companies led to massive deforestation. Colonial enterprises destroyed local industries. Generally the colonial economic policies in Kenya were instrumental in incorporating the pre-capitalist communities into the colonial and international economic systems. This persisted into the post-colonial period. Similarly, Christian missionary activities destroyed African culture through the gospels of salvation, obedience and work. Through Western education, which they dominated despite the colonial state’s role, Christian missions preached against African cultures. They were emphatic that the Africans’ salvation must be gauged on the extent to which traditional cultural practices were abandoned. Their invocations about obeying the government because it is God who
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