Effective And Ethical Practice Of Human Communication

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Introduction to Communication

National Communication Association described communication as “focuses on how people

use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels and

media. The discipline promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication”.

Communication is a combination of different discipline of life in which an information

transfer to other with help of some medium. In this field there are limitless possibilities in this

field and it’s also very crucial aspect of an organization. Communication isn’t about talking

to someone, it’s the way you do communication to other through a proper verbal, non-verbal

The report will give a details view of Richard Branson and Bill Gates skills and attributes of

commination and their effectiveness in their respect field. In this we will describes their

influence on their organization, employee, media and audience. Their style and way is really

something which will be discussed.

When asked to describe the most influential CEO in modern history, the first thought that

comes to mind to most would be Steve Jobs, and Although Sir Richard Branson has not

invested in IT businesses that allow for the same market share & net worth as APPLE, he has

still been able build a global Business conglomerate known as Virgin. Through his

entrepreneurial mind set, risk taking initiatives and key focus to customer service, he

managed to kick-start Virgin Atlantic from a
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