Effective Centralized Leadership Is Essential For Professional Function

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The reliance on leadership resonates throughout all of an agency 's functions—particularly that of communication. “Leadership at different organizational levels directly or indirectly determines structural forms, organizational culture and climate, power distribution, and communication” (Men, 2014). The total effectiveness of leadership may be able to be reduced to the simplicity of the individual leader and their personality traits. Similarly, “Communicative leadership” is the conceptual ideal that merely interacting, or any other means of basic exchange, is not enough for a cohesive working environment with a hierarchical structure (Johansson, Vernon, & Hamrin, 2014). Symmetrical communication, or coorientation, is a way for …show more content…

The most common traits seen within this type of leadership usually stem from neuroticism and conscientiousness. The negative connotation that could be attached to the transactional strategy is the human disconnect between upper management and the individual. The laissez-faire view is one of lacking leadership all together. Typically, laissez-faire leaders demonstrate more passive behaviors, choosing a detached path completely and allowing employees full autonomy over their work conditions (Men, 2014). However, it becomes problematic when clear goals are not being relayed to departments and work goes unfinished which, as a result, negatively impacts the productivity of the company as a whole. Lastly, and most successfully, there is the transformational view. The transformational idea of leadership is the most direct approach. It encompasses the ideas of both transactional and laissez-faire in a way that still allows for open, easy communication but elevates employees to a level of self-responsibility for their job and performance (Men, 2014). The transformational subtype is an environmental change that allows for the leader to work as a mentor, mediator, and director all the while nurturing and motivating

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