Alex Ferguson - Autocratic Leadership Style

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Leadership Styles:

Autocratic Leadership Style

This is the type of leadership exhibits by dictators. A leader exerts high levels of power over his or her followers. An autocratic leader gives his or her idea which the team must follow. He or she has no time for deliberations on others ideas before chosing one. In autocracy, time wasting in long deliberations is reduced but most followers will not like being treated as bench warmers without having anything to contribute. For leading unskilled workers who do not have any skill about a job, this leadership style is appropriate.

Charismatic Leadership Style

This is the type of leadership in which the leader lead through encouragement and enthusiasm. A charismatic leader builds power around
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He may be influential or autocratic depending on situation. He is a result-oriented leader. He puts the structure in place for team members to work and satisfy their requirements as far as they are getting results. He does not want to understand why there may be failure and does not give room for second trial.

Transactional Leadership Style

This is the type of leadership in which rewards are measured by performance. This leadership style believes fingers are not equal and deals with individuals team members according to their performance. Good performances are rewarded while poor performances are punished. Transactional leadership does not consider his or her surbodinates as members of his or her team but as workers who must be managed to get works done. His or her tool is "carrot and cane". If works is going on fine, he or she can use award to motivate good work or fines to punish bad work.

Transformational Leadership Style

A transformational leader is a delegator of tasks and inspires his or her team to share in his or her vision and the objectives. This is a true leader who motivates and care for his or her team. He or she wants to achieve results through his or her team and take time to understand the conditions of all the team members. He or she is visible by the team members and show more interest in the team than in the task ahead. He or she is a good communicator

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