Effective Communication Skills Are Essential For Success

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Introduction Effective Communication skills are essential for success in every organization. Individuals today in the workplace need to effectively communicate with employees, customers and potential clients. Effective and clear communication if not delivered in the right manner could be interpreted by the receiver and have a negative impact. There are many barriers that can effect a conversation such as cultural differences, gender and environment. Employees can learn how to adapt in different situations to improve their skills and potentially avoid conflict. How can manager and employees communicate effectively to remove cultural barriers and avoid misinterpretation of interpersonal communication? This paper will focus on the preventative measures managers can take when working with employees to bridge communication gaps that will prevent and solve problems. Organizational Leaders within companies, front line managers and front line employees will learn from this research.
Communication happens when information is sent between two or more people primarily as a verbal process however; the communication process can also be in writing and non-verbal by using body language. Companies today must ensure leadership managers have good communication skills to be effective. Managers must be able to communicate effectively to team members especially to gain feedback about ideas, issues or problem solving. Managers also will at times have to have difficult
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