Effective Communication is an Essential Skill to Have

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Effective communication is not always easy to master, trust is the primary instrument which allows clear communication to take place. In professional relations, I have seen that effective communication is A major skill that social workers must utilize in facilitating the client’s growth or change process is to earn their trust, confidence, and respect. Professional and personal relationships share certain values such as trust, integrity, and empathy. But the nature of these relationships have some critical differences. For example, in a professional relationship, the client must come first, but in a healthy friendship, each friend gives to eachother. A competent professional does not engage in discussions with the client about the professional ’ s personal problems, but friends confide in each other equally and discuss each other ’ s personal problems.
In both types of relationships, there is an element of vulnerability present. In a professional relationship, the client usually meets the social worker because they are in need of aid or services, and so they are vulnerable because of their circumstances. The client must feel that they can trust the professional in order to confide in the professional. Employing modes of communication that builds rapport and earns trust affects the potential of the professional relationship. Trusting the professional spans many areas, such as trust that they are…
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